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John Peter Demas

John Peter Demas

Country Manager Panamá

John Peter Demas is Managing Partner for Latin3 Panama. His challenge is to develop Interactive Solutions that cater to the local market and also work with the many multinational companies with regional offices in the country to drive their business goals via digital media strategies. Activities in Panama have an important regional impact.

John is a veteran of the technology industry, and has worked as Online Marketing Manager for Dell and Regional Marketing Manager for Microsoft. He has been featured speaker in many industry conferences and actively participates in online marketing communities across the globe. John has managed sales and marketing teams both on site and remotely and has also been on both sides of the agency-advertiser relationship.

Conducting strategic planning sessions, developing regional and local marketing campaigns, developing measurement frameworks for business initiatives and successfully managing large interactive projects have been numbered among his work.

John is an avid runner and co-founder of, a local non-profit community that promotes the value of hard work and discipline through an athletic lifestyle. He is a native English and Spanish speaker and also an amateur artist that enjoys the worlds of music, painting, poetry and prose.

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