ROKR (Integral campaign for Nextel) by Latin3 | Latin3 Work


Nextel Mexico sought to promote the launch of its new Motorola ROKR slider phone, with a creative experience both for specialized media and final consumers, targeting the younger market as a new business goal.

The campaign included a promotional microsite, a traditional media plan and a Social Media strategy in Facebook, Twitter and blogs. The concept? The rocker side of business.

The microsite, which first looked like the average corporate site, transformed into a cool, modern and rocker experience, and featured a promotional platform that allowed consumers to participate for concert tickets and promotional merchandising. The site was complemented with the launch of the Nextel Mexico Facebook page, that reached the number of 4,500 fans by the end of the campaign.

``The campaign had an excellent response among the target, with more than 3,000 followers and participants, 3,700 interactions, 2,300 comments, and 44,900 visits to the FB page. ``

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