125 Aniversario (Microsite for Banamex) by Latin3 | Latin3 Work

125 Aniversario

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Banamex came to us to create a site showing its close relationship with Mexican people.

The idea was to create a scene illustrating how the bank positively influences people's everyday lives. A Parallax platform was developed mixing urban and suburban locations to create a big interactive scene, featuring Banamex's vast universe of products and services. These are shown in a series of hotspots associated to characters or objects, which suffered numerous modifications in order to reflect the new products, news and promotions that were launched throughout the year.

The micro site also features an interactive timeline presenting the bank's history and the main events in its 125 years in Mexico, as well as promotional videos.

``The biggest challenge was to create such a big environment with so many characters and objects, all of which needed to reflect our client's marketing objective. This project finally cleared the path for many others with Banamex.``

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